After switching our trusty MR2 over from a time machine to a little tow truck, we took our racing to the next level this year! We finished 16th overall out of 93 cars and 4th in class B. Not to shabby, right? In fact, it surprised us all!


We kept the car more or less the same as the year before except for adding additional driver comforts. However, we worked on driving faster and better. This was definitely shown in the results this year compared to year. With better strategy, now that we have a good race radio system, we were able to optimize driver changes and fueling as much as possible. Also, we were more careful to not mix it up with other cars, which kept us on the track longer.

We did have to have our first tow ever when we lost a wheel at Buttonwillow on the first day. Dan, was out his first time on track in the Crapper and the second or third lap, lost the front driver’s side wheel when the wheel studs sheered off. Fortunately, Dan and the car were both just fine.

The race was shut down right afterwards due to the extreme 110F heat and we luckily had 2 hours to get new wheel studs and put the wheel back on and were able to start back up with the rest of the cars. It did cost us plenty of positions, but we were able to recover fairly well. Plus, the car drove even better the second day! We did place lower in this race than the year before, but we made up for it with the other two races this year.


Some statistics from this year and comparisons with last year:


2013 2012 Difference
Place 30 (out of 174) 96 (out of 171) +66
Penalty Laps 4 (class B) 0 (class A) +4
# of Laps 293 197 +96
# of laps behind 50 84 -34
Fastest lap 2:17.318 2:23.287 -5.969 seconds


2013 2012 Difference
Place 66 (out of 154) 44 (out of 136) -22
Penalty Laps 1 (class B) 0 (class A) +1
# of Laps 215 409 -195*
# of laps behind 34 118 -84*
Fastest lap 2:24.164 2:20.993 -3.231 seconds

*2012 was 24 hours


2013 2012 Difference
Place 30 (out of 184) 46 (out of 166) +16
Penalty Laps 0 (class B) 0 (class B)
# of Laps 280 251 +29
# of laps behind 35 54 -19
Fastest lap 2:32.597 2:32.394 -0.203 seconds

Photos from Buttonwillow 2013

Photos from Thunderhill 2013

Sears Pointless 2013 was a blast! We thankfully got into B class with our slow, but steady Toyota MR2. After two days of racing, we placed 5th in B class and 30th overall out of 178 cars!

2013 Here We Come!

Posted: January 9, 2013 in talking crap

We’re getting ready for the upcoming races in California for 2013! Can’t wait to get on the track in the MR2 for Sears Pointless.

We survived Vodden The Hell Are We Doing? at Thunderhill placing 11th in the B class and 46th overall out of a whopping 184 cars!

Here’s Tim Mixing it up in Turn 11. No hard feelings, we hope. Sorry about the tap!

Here’s David preaching to the converted as a penalty for that mix up in turn 11

We survived. It was a bit scary at times during the night because we didn’t have really good lights, but in general, we did OK. The best thing is that we actually placed relatively competitively at 44 out of 145 cars. We’re really gunning for Thunderhill and we’re hoping to place even better in that one!

Here are some photos from the race:




We have some minor work to do on the car. We need to get new tires, fix the suspension, and minor touch ups here and there. Also, we got a cheap but cool wing to put on the back!

Buttonwillow is at the end of June so we have plenty of time.

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We survived Sears Pointless 2012! We battled through our incompetence and the raging rain on Saturday and picked up more steam on Sunday as the weather cleared up. We’re all tired now but I’ll post pictures and videos in the next week. We placed 96th out of 172.

Almost ready

Posted: March 11, 2012 in talking crap

Another very productive weekend. We put some sheet metal up on the roof to cover the T-Top to make the car safer as well as added more padding to the roll cage bars. We also mounted the instrument cluster properly inside the car. Most importantly, we put the new alternator in and got the car running! It looks and works great and we can’t wait to race it.

In terms of decorations and theming, more painting as well as mounting props. We mounted the vents, wires for the time warp, and the very important interior piece, the time circuits! They look much better than planned, that’s for sure.

Peter cutting the door to allow for more roll bar padding

Doug using the plasma torch to cut the stainless steel roof



Prepping the car

Doug trying out the window exit

Ben prepping the time circuits for installation

Juan putting on the vents

The car interior showing off the time circuits, now installed

The car

Another car shot