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End the year with greasy hands

Posted: December 31, 2011 in talking crap

Okay, so we knew that the fuel pump was bad. Therefore, we need to get access to it to replace it. Ben got a pump for the car and all we needed to do now is pull out the tank. Well, that’s not that easy. We got the car into the the garage and jacked […]

Starting the grunt work

Posted: December 17, 2011 in talking crap

It’s time to get the car running. We all met at Doug’s house to finally figure out why the car wasn’t running and see if this is a thing we can tackle. After doing some work, we figured out that it is a problem with the fuel pump. The trouble with the MR2 is that […]

So, we have a concept that might just work. We all love Back to the Future and we have a MR2 that kind of sort of looks like a DeLorean if you squint at it while looking at it sideways. Of course it doesn’t look as nice as Ben’s DeLorean, but it just might do […]