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We survived Sears Pointless 2012! We battled through our incompetence and the raging rain on Saturday and picked up more steam on Sunday as the weather cleared up. We’re all tired now but I’ll post pictures and videos in the next week. We placed 96th out of 172.

Almost ready

Posted: March 11, 2012 in talking crap

Another very productive weekend. We put some sheet metal up on the roof to cover the T-Top to make the car safer as well as added more padding to the roll cage bars. We also mounted the instrument cluster properly inside the car. Most importantly, we put the new alternator in and got the car […]

Progress is great!

Posted: March 4, 2012 in talking crap

A very productive weekend was had. Ben and Ken pulled out the alternator and determined that it was dead. Ben ordered a new alternator which cost about $180. Now that we bought a fuel pump at around $100 or so and the alternator, we’re pushing the budget but we’ll sell some parts to make up […]

We didn’t do any welding because while we have welding talent, we don’t know how to MIG weld. Therefore, 2 weeks ago, we got the car over to Evil Genius Racing and had them put in the cage (long story but the BD Racing cage wasn’t so good), the seat, and a kill switch. Doug […]