Roll cage-orama

Posted: January 10, 2012 in talking crap

The next thing to figure out while we work on the other parts is the roll cage. The MR2 isn’t an easy car to get a LeMons legal cage for since it’s an old model and there aren’t any factory cages for it. We looked around and found an insanely expensive ($1000+) cage from Auto Power Industries that would take months to make. Back to the drawing board.

Good news however! I found a cage manufacturer, BD Racing, that said that we can get a custom made cage in a couple of days for $325 for mild steel or $575 for DOM steel plus shipping. The plan is to order the DOM steel version. While it’s more expensive, safety is always a priority! Hopefully, we’ll get it and install it in a week or two.

[EDIT: That BD racing cage came out really bad. The guys at Evil Genius helped us out and created a good cage for us. The BD Racing cage was $800 down the toilet, sadly.]


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