Progress is good

Posted: January 14, 2012 in talking crap

Today we actually got some good work done. In order to get the roll cage ordered (which will take no more than 5 days to make!), we had to do take some crucial measurements. Therefore, we decided to do what was necessary: rip out all the crappy interior pieces that only add weight to the car. Doug, David, and Peter took hours to do it right but we finally got the car looking like the metal beast that it is.

Good news is that we took the measurements, but we want Ben or Ken to check our numbers before placing the order. Next weekend will be busy! The fuel tank will go back in, the suspension tightened up and the final measurements will be taken! We also realized that we’ll need to get a racing seat because the MR2 is too small to fit someone inside with the roll cage and a helmet on. No worries though, seats are easy to come by.

The tear down starts!

David tearing apart the doors. Save that weight!

Doug taking out the roof liner.

This part we can sell on eBay or something.

The instrument panel came out quite easily. We’ll keep this for later.

Doug ripping the console out.

This the new look of the MR2 interior. Bare metal everywhere!

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