Almost ready

Posted: March 11, 2012 in talking crap

Another very productive weekend. We put some sheet metal up on the roof to cover the T-Top to make the car safer as well as added more padding to the roll cage bars. We also mounted the instrument cluster properly inside the car. Most importantly, we put the new alternator in and got the car running! It looks and works great and we can’t wait to race it.

In terms of decorations and theming, more painting as well as mounting props. We mounted the vents, wires for the time warp, and the very important interior piece, the time circuits! They look much better than planned, that’s for sure.

Peter cutting the door to allow for more roll bar padding

Doug using the plasma torch to cut the stainless steel roof



Prepping the car

Doug trying out the window exit

Ben prepping the time circuits for installation

Juan putting on the vents

The car interior showing off the time circuits, now installed

The car

Another car shot

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