Progress is great!

Posted: March 4, 2012 in talking crap

A very productive weekend was had. Ben and Ken pulled out the alternator and determined that it was dead. Ben ordered a new alternator which cost about $180. Now that we bought a fuel pump at around $100 or so and the alternator, we’re pushing the budget but we’ll sell some parts to make up for it so we have a little more padding room if something else goes wrong. Oh well.

We also started on the decorations. We spent most of the weekend prepping and painting the car.

Peter painting

David covering up the precious wheels

Ken and Ben checking out the alternator. It’s dead Jim

David using his drafting skills to give us a race number

Tape her up boys!

Juan making some vents

We didn’t do any welding because while we have welding talent, we don’t know how to MIG weld. Therefore, 2 weeks ago, we got the car over to Evil Genius Racing and had them put in the cage (long story but the BD Racing cage wasn’t so good), the seat, and a kill switch. Doug decided to drive the car back since it is registered and legal to drive.

However, the bad news was that the alternator was bad and the car ran out of battery and died on the way home. Ben and I were able to come rescue Doug with Ben’s AAA towing.


Getting the car back, the sad way.

We have a cage, in pieces

Posted: February 6, 2012 in talking crap

We have a lot of welding to do!

This will safe us. However, it may destroy us all while putting it together.

[Edit: We didn’t use this cage at all. We went with a custom Evil Genius cage that was most excellent]


Posted: February 4, 2012 in talking crap

We got the car running! (Yeah, I know, big deal, right?)

Finally, we put the fuel filter into the tank and put it back in the car and resurfaced the brakes. It wasn’t a quick job, but after hoisting it up in there, getting a fresh battery and adding some gas, things started working without any issues! We even drove it VERY SLOWLY around the block. (Don’t tell the cops!)


Ben working it

Doug working hard to get the hoses on

David and Ben looking down from above

Ken dying of boredom while holding up the tank

Hoses 1

Hoses 2

Ken measuring the rotors

David resurfacing a rotor

Ben putting the rear brake back into place

Got the seat!

Posted: January 25, 2012 in talking crap

After a lot of research, I decided on a beautiful Corbeau FX1 seat and ordered it along with a 5-point harness and the needed seat mounting hardware. I got the stuff from for a great price. Ordered it on Sunday night and it got here on Wednesday with free shipping!


It’s happened; the people at LeMon’s squandered a perfectly good entry by accepting Back to the Crapper. Watch Ben, Peter, Ken, and the rest of our team attempt to maneuver our rolling brick across Sears Pointless at Infineon Raceway. We’re still a couple of racing suits and helmets away from being ready, but we’re looking forward to winning losing the race.

For more information on the race visit:

Ben is awesome!

Posted: January 15, 2012 in talking crap

We had to replace the fuel pump and remove all the rust from it. Ben definitely delivered. The fuel pump is new, but everything else is original.


Before picture 1

Before picture 1

Before picture 2

After Ben’s magic work!

Progress is good

Posted: January 14, 2012 in talking crap

Today we actually got some good work done. In order to get the roll cage ordered (which will take no more than 5 days to make!), we had to do take some crucial measurements. Therefore, we decided to do what was necessary: rip out all the crappy interior pieces that only add weight to the car. Doug, David, and Peter took hours to do it right but we finally got the car looking like the metal beast that it is.

Good news is that we took the measurements, but we want Ben or Ken to check our numbers before placing the order. Next weekend will be busy! The fuel tank will go back in, the suspension tightened up and the final measurements will be taken! We also realized that we’ll need to get a racing seat because the MR2 is too small to fit someone inside with the roll cage and a helmet on. No worries though, seats are easy to come by.

The tear down starts!

David tearing apart the doors. Save that weight!

Doug taking out the roof liner.

This part we can sell on eBay or something.

The instrument panel came out quite easily. We’ll keep this for later.

Doug ripping the console out.

This the new look of the MR2 interior. Bare metal everywhere!

Car 82, Back to the Crapper, has been entered to race in the Sears Pointless on March 24-25! Now, we can only hope and wait that our entry gets accepted by the venerable judges at 24 Hours of LeMons!

We are ready to drive (once we get the car put back together, but we’re confident that will happen imminently). This weekend we have lots of work to do. We have to fix the suspension since Ben has found the bolt that we needed. Basically, the suspension wasn’t on straight because the bolt holding it all together on one side was stripped. Once we have that, we can make it work. Then, we need to keep working on the interior. Doug will squirm as we tear out the guts of his dear non-working, but soon to be working, MR2.

Roll cage-orama

Posted: January 10, 2012 in talking crap

The next thing to figure out while we work on the other parts is the roll cage. The MR2 isn’t an easy car to get a LeMons legal cage for since it’s an old model and there aren’t any factory cages for it. We looked around and found an insanely expensive ($1000+) cage from Auto Power Industries that would take months to make. Back to the drawing board.

Good news however! I found a cage manufacturer, BD Racing, that said that we can get a custom made cage in a couple of days for $325 for mild steel or $575 for DOM steel plus shipping. The plan is to order the DOM steel version. While it’s more expensive, safety is always a priority! Hopefully, we’ll get it and install it in a week or two.

[EDIT: That BD racing cage came out really bad. The guys at Evil Genius helped us out and created a good cage for us. The BD Racing cage was $800 down the toilet, sadly.]